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MBA in Venture Management
Advisor, Inventor, Founder

Mad scientist with a business degree.

Christopher Price

I am Christopher Price

Christopher Price is a founder and blockchain business advisor that works with other founders, investors, advisors, and vendors–in full transparency–to experiment their way into rapid product-market fit using Lean Startup methodologies.

We’re a founder-led distributed organization of independent contributors that assemble on a project-to-project basis to work with DeFi and GameFi founder teams to validate ideas, build products, and refine revenue models.

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Christopher Price
About Christopher Price

Since 2017, Christopher has been almost entirely focused on projects that merge blockchain utility with innovative business models. After heading an early institutional custody initiative, he has focused on developing cooperative self-custody solutions for families and businesses that simplify and de-stress what are otherwise complex and risky workflows.

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My Values

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.
-Michael Porter

I love what I do

I'm passionate about the vision of decentralized finance (DeFi) and the promise offered by emerging financial technologies based on distributed public ledgers.

I build partnerships

Decentralized organizations depend on collaborative partnerships. A few things that tear apart partnerships for even the most promising projects are poor communication, unclear objectives, and an overreliance on real-time communication when everyone is in a different time zone. We are constantly working on creative ways to coordinate distributed teams that respect people's time and integrity.

I'm driven by results

The objective is to validate and grow innovative business ideas as fast as possible, with as little as possible. Conduct experiments to find evidence of product-market fit, with data-driven evidence, then lean in when I find traction.

Build > Measure > Learn > Repeat!

I'm serious (mostly)

I work too damned hard to to work on things that don't matter. Consequently, I am obsessed with identifying and measuring key results that matter. And so, what matters? Who is depending on us to do what we have assembled here to do? Leadership should never wonder about what the team is doing or whether it making a difference.


A strong portfolio of works.


Look at proven results.
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Target at least one experiment per week.

“Kill your darlings, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little [founder's] heart, kill your darlings.” — Stephen King

Your unvalidated assumptions about what your people will buy, use, or invest in will destroy your project. Your community will lie to you about what they want in order to look smart. Your two-year runway will be inadequate to advance your product in 8 months if you don't find revenue-generating utility to slow the burn and demonstrate viability to new investors.

Test your assumptions and kill the ones that don't show promise as quickly as you can. Your success depends on it.


Kind words from people that know me and my work.

Testimonial Mark Rosst
Alen Husanovic
Software Solutions Architect /ECHO Technology Solutions
"Christopher is very fun and communicative person to work with. I have really enjoyed our brainstorming sessions that were producing amazing outcomes. He has great skills to drag you into the core of the problem so you must start thinking out-of-the-box and work with him on building amazing results... but his vision is something where he stood out from others. He knew where [the project] should be in the next 2-4 years and he was excellent driver on that trip. I can say that working with Christopher was great learning experience for me as well, which made me rethink of Product Owner's role and how that role can and should be tightly coupled to the vision where the Client system should go."
Testimonial Jennifer Williams
Todd Garrison
Principal Engineer / Block Pane
"Christopher has a rare set of talents that allow him to take big ideas from inception to implementation. I have always been impressed at his ability to see the entire picture, applying both strategic and tactical approaches to make people, processes, and technology work together."
Testimonial Michael Taylor
Judson Cary
Attorney and Business Advisor / Various
"Christopher is an excellent "thinker." He catches unique angles to problems and solutions that others miss. This makes for better strategy, product design, and overall outcomes."
Testimonial David Miller
Brian Rees
Regional Vice President / Salesforce
"I worked with Christopher over the course of two years on several different technology projects. As the project manager, I was always impressed by Christopher’s ability to break down complex problems and processes and identify those areas that were causing inefficiencies. Christopher’s organization, communication skills, and technical aptitude were critical to ensuring that our projects were delivered on time, within budget, and helped achieve the organization’s business objectives. I would recommend Christopher to any organization seeking a passionate leader that can problem solve, build relationships, and drive a business to succeed."
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